Based On a True Story is now out on all streaming platforms and Bandcamp

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‘Break It Down’ is about being unsure of intentions in new relationships, exploring the worry you have when you can’t be certain of how things will turn out. Inspired by experiences of people around me, I think this song puts into perspective how hard it can be to trust someone, especially after going through similar experiences in previous relationships.”

“This track was inspired by someone close to me who made me appreciate the value of accepting help and what we all do for each other as humans. Coming from a time when I was set in my ways of taking things on alone, it helps me look back and realise that its not the end of the world to let someone in.”

Maisy Grace has teamed up with producer Kouncilhouse on new track Circles. The song is about how people inevitably change, and how relationships evolve to meet those changes. Maisy’s sensuous voice and a melancholic trumpet weave a magic spell over the lazy Drum and Bass sounds of KouncilHouse’s impeccable production.

‘Sidelines' is Maisy's first EP. Featuring tracks written during lock down the EP was recorded at Sorting Room Studios in early 2021. 

‘5 Minutes’ explores the struggles of mental health, and the ups and downs we all feel at times. The song discusses the pressure from society to fix yourself, or to ignore how you are feeling.  We can instead give ourselves the gift of '5 minutes'.