Maisy's debut album is coming out on 6th July, 2023

The album, produced by London based Kouncilhouse, is titled Based On A True Story and tells tales of Maisy’s personal experiences of growing up, experiencing emotions from new love and heartbreak to the wanderlust of being young.


Growing up in Cornwall, Maisy has related much of her music to the place she loves the most. With her dulcet tones intertwining effortlessly with soft house beats; undoubtedly offering that sunset summer feeling, the album harmonises beautifully with Maisy’s home county. Maisy’s debut album features brand-new tracks, telling the story of making your way through life, with Maisy pouring her personal experiences and emotions into her lyrics, taking fans on a journey and giving an intimate glimpse into her life and thoughts.


Stand out tracks include ‘Show Me’ - an undeniable love song, explaining how it feels to want to spend all your time with that one person, before showing off Maisy’s other side, kicking into revenge-mode with ‘Don’t Mess With Me’. The range of the album provides gives a song for every moment. 


Based On A True Story finishes with the lead song on the album ‘What Happened’ and is described by Maisy as an ‘in my feels’ song, which is all about being independent and not having to rely on anyone. 

You can pre save the album below: